The Cute Cultist


Misunderstanding (AU Fi & Therrant)


"Smart ass." Therrant lifted the pillow and glowered at her from beneath it. Accepting that he would never be taken seriously by her again, he decides to at least reap some small benefit from the situation. He was grateful that he’d taken the time to bathe now, because she’d surely have pushed him away otherwise.

Taking advantage of their positioning, he slipped the pillow behind Fi’s head and used it to pull her down into a kiss.

Now that she was expecting. Gods it was nice he had bathed. Maybe he could be trained after all, just as she could learn how to accept his egregious need for affection. Keeping the kiss short and simple she pressed her forehead to his for just a moment. “It is always better to be a smart ass than a dumb one.”

Pressing a kiss to his nose, she snatched the pillow from him and reclined once more. “Ancient Breton proverb.”


"Uh, honestly…?" He rubbed at the back of his head as he truly tried to question his previous goals from his youth; nothing really came up. "I guess I always thought I wanted to do this kind of thing for a living…maybe I had something much bigger in mind but…" He shrugged. "It’s better than nothing and pays." 

"It looks fun." Or, more fun than her work. Her job was stressful, filled with disappointment and death, made addictive by the rare moments of success that kept her coming back. She smiled, always the positive sort. "Besides, surely you meet interesting people, no? And you have air conditioning, food, water. It seems like a nice arrangement."


"Yes we are," Caladen answered easily, a polite smile on his face. "… What?" he asked as he noticed his sister’s frown.

"You’re rather open with information, brother."

"Yes, well, it’s not like it’s not obvious we’ve not been seen around," he said, exasperated, then turned back to Fienelef. "We’ve just arrived from Alinor."

"Nobody needs to know that."

"Nobody needs to not know that," he countered. "And what about you, Miss Fi? Have you been here long?"

"Alinor? Oh dear, you have come quite a way have you not?" Alinor. Summerset Isles. Now why would they be here? She swallowed that question for later and, instead, looked at the slip of paper she had been given.

Bookshelves lined her walls, yet, she knew just where to find the text. Organization had a way of paying off.

"I have been here for a few months, not nearly as long as some, but long enough to be comfortable enough despite the snow." Pulling the book, she smiled and offered it to Caladen. "I hope you two are adjusting well. If there is anything else you need, please feel free to ask."


He peeks from under the edge of the pillow, his eye narrowing at her in a smile. “I was hopin’ that would be the case. The Great and Generous Fienelef wouldn’t turn away a soul in need. Especially if that soul risks being thrown out on the street if he goes home drunk.” Taking the pillow from over his head, he turns to look at her. “It’s only for an hour or two. I’ll be gone before you wake.”

"The Great and Generous Fienelef?" She chuckled. "Oh now you are just trying to win me over." There was a moment in which she just stared at him, silence filling the room. Then, she pulled the blankets up higher over her. "You are so very luck I like you. You may stay for as long as you wish, just do not break anything." What he could break, she wasn’t sure, but she might as well cover her bases.


"Fuck." Therrant shuffled over the bed and looked down at where Fi had fallen. He carefully stepped over her and crouched in close proximity, hands held out in front of him ineffectually.


For a moment, she didn’t move. Her face ached, she had managed to smack her knee pretty hard on the stone, and now she was very, very cold. Bracing her hands on the floor, she slowly sat up. Between the mess of tangled hair and irritated look on her face, it was clear that she just wanted to go back to bed.

"I am okay." She rasped, trying to fix her twisted night gown. "I need a bigger bed."


Jae made sure to tuck the blankets down to keep the warmth in while giving Fi enough space to feel comfortable, “I think that is something I can manage. Were that the currency of the land I would be moderately well off.” She curled in on herself for further warmth, her head barely on a pillow, “Thank you again, friend. I will hopefully find a better way to get myself to sleep soon.” It was not something she enjoyed imposing on her friend. This was her bed after all, not Jae’s.

For a moment, she was silent save for her deep breathing. “I do not mind. I know I do not like touching people, I make this clear from the start. It is a trust issue, though. I trust you. You may use my bed if you please, it does not harm me and if it helps you, then that is fne. Really, it is okay. It is not as though you are stealing my pillows or anything so rude.”

Prodigal (Celaden|Jae)


"Welcome to Skyrim, then! Enjoy your complementary racist remarks about having knife-ears and not being a Nord," she said with a smile and a hint of bitterness. She was beginning to think she was becoming a bit too judgmental of Nords. 

Noting the difficulty of the older man’s breath, Jae slowed her pace just enough to ease the burden on him, but not enough to insult his physical capabilities. He seemed to be a man of some pride in how he held himself. No sense in taking that away.

"Aye, I am not a native, though I’ve spent a few years here now. I am originally from Cyrodiil, born and raised." she shrugged as she sighed, "It is much warmer there, something that I miss a great deal." She did not miss the Cliff-racers though. No indeed she did not.

The change in place was something he noticed and, in fact, something he appreciated. She was attentive, not something he saw much in youth any more. He was liking her more and more.

"Cyrodiil?" This interested him. "I visited there a few times in my youth. That’s where I took Esette after our wedding to celebrate." Now that was a fond memory. The trip had been perfect, something he thought of often. For that, alone, Cyrodiil held a special place in his heart.

"Beautiful place, very unique as well. What city are you from, if you don’t mind my asking?" His breath was easier, words smoother. In fact, he seemed to be doing pretty well. Maybe he could make it to the College after all.

The Fort was silent, the cool air of the desert settling over the hot cement. The lights of the Strip still danced in the distance, but the noise didn’t reach as far. It was the perfect conditions for Fi to finally fall into a deep and heavy sleep.

Curled up on the corner of her old mattress, glasses somewhere on her desk, she just about screamed when she felt someone invade her bed. The sharp gasp, instead of turning into sound, became lame wheezing as she tried to squint through the dark and her lame vision.

"Randy?" She rasped, hoping it was him. "What are you doing here?"

Misunderstanding (AU Fi & Therrant)


"Or you could be kissing me." Therrant speaks like he’s musing on the state of existence, slowly and with his eyes closed. It’s clear he hadn’t meant to actually speak those words, given how little fuss he’s making over it. He readjusts his hold on Fi and breathes in the smell of her perfume, nuzzling his nose against her neck.

"Fuck….I said that…didn’t I?" He groans with the realization and quickly grabs a pillow to shove against his face. Then all was silent.

He had said it so casually. Truth be told, she was waiting for him to realize exactly what had just escapedh is mouth. Sure, he was affectionate, but he was never that forward, not unless it came with a mess of complicated words and unncessary sentences. It was never so simple.

She was amused. Shifting, she propped her elbow on the bed and rested her cheek  on her hand. “But dear Therrant, how can I possibly kiss you with a pillow on your face?”