The Cute Cultist


"Ho! Keep it up and I’m going to have to tell Sanguine he let loose one of his Daedra.. Kinky Fi”, she grins, slapping the breton’s back. “I wonder what another drink will do to you.”

"Perhaps you should give me one and find out. Who knows, you might just get to see what makes me so deviously kinky." She winked, nudging Eris as she tried to stifle another laugh. instead, she giggled.


He tsked, shaking his head. “And there goes my chance to get a new quilt for the bed.” He rolled his cup across the table between his fingers, thinking about what he was going to take as his prize. With a smile, he leaned up from the seat, his large hand reaching forward to cup her jaw, thumb pad moving across her cheekbone before joining the rest of his fingers. 

"I guess this is a good one…" He muttered huskily, leaning the rest of the distance and pressing his lips to hers. 

If there was any hint of hesitation, it didn’t last long enough for it to be noticed. For a moment, her mind fell blissfully silent as she returned the kiss, eyes fluttering shut. It was just as she had thought and, occasionally hoped, it would be. She let herself indulge in it until she finally severed the connection. Fienelef had been baiting him and she was glad he had gone for it.

She gave a soft, almost contemplative hum, her smile returning. “You know, if that is the price of losing to you, I do not mind paying it one bit.”

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((That was some gigglesnort level punnery, A+))

((Remember all of the Bea puns and flirtations? It seems that skill has stuck with me.))


He grinned, setting his tankard down and leaning his elbows on the table again. She was so easy to make blush, but he had to commend her for lasting as long as she had. Then again, he had a few decades experience on her at the game too. 

"A prize, huh?" He cocked an eyebrow, "I think I could stand to accept one of those." 

She liked to think she had fought valiantly. Having always been awful with flirting, this could have gone much, much worse. He looked smug, and for now, she would let him bask in his own success. He had earned it.

"Such a gracious winner." She ran her finger around the rim of her cup absently. "Name your victory spoils then, however you are prohibited from asking for any more of my bedding."

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Eris chokes on her drink and stares Fi down. “Well, who’s been teaching you to talk like that now!”
Her grin only widens and she looks quite happy with herself. “Who is to say I have not been this witty all along and have just refrained from showing it?”

((“You know, my hair is not the only thing about me that is kinky.”

-lets just take a moment to appreciate this line because I’m proud of it.))

*flirting symbol* ~because it's unnatural if this /doesn't / happen

Resting her face in both of her hands, she smiled at Eris as though she had just thought of the wittiest thing in the world. There was a sly tone to her eyes and she bit her lip to keep herself from giggling.

"You know, my hair is not the only thing about me that is kinky.”


With that sentence, the makeup of the game changed. From just a simple game about blushing and kissing, this was going elsewhere. And he was still determined to win. 

"Well just remember Fi, that I believe in giving back what I’ve got. So think carefully about where you try to kiss me." He took a sip of his ale, looking at her, "Otherwise, you might end up gettin’ a little more than you were ready for." 

With the mental image that popped in her head in response to his words, she felt her face heat up rather rapidly. Cheeks and ears painted pink, she laughed and had to fan herself. If she had to admit defeat, at least it was to such a worthy opponent.

"Alas, I fear you win this round. Still, perhaps you would like a prize?" Her smile had not wavered, good mood still firmly in place.

Missy: Sober flirting: "I like you more than my books"
Spoopy Dean: Inebriated flirting: "If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as attractive as you, I'd have.......... Five cents."

The two had been reclining in his couch, watching some show as they sipped a drink just to relax for the evening. The young woman, getting an idea, leaned against Mark.

"You know, I have never been one for prayer…but I would gladly say your name as one."