The Cute Cultist
[[Your descriptions for emotions and lack thereof through her body language, along with how you depict her thoughts without outright saying them are so fluid and almost seem to be mindless in how easy you make it look. ]]

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Oh dear. 

The dunmer stumbled back from the shove, but she did not take offense. This was not good, “I-I did not know! You never spoke of him before!” The fire was becoming very concerning. One because it was so close to the woman’s face, and two, she had seen what Fi could do with that fire. This College was like to burn down before her father would even find it at this rate. Something she would not put past her friend at this point. Which was saying something since the Library was here.

She moved closer to the woman, hands gently trying to pry Fi’s from her face so she would not burn herself, “Fi. Fienelef, please, c-calm down, daeseh. He is not here,” at least she hoped. She had left him at Windhelm on his own. Hopefully the frequent storms had slowed his progress, “He is not here. Breathe, dear.”

"But he will be! Do you not see? He is a disgustingly tenacious manipulative viper who can talk anyone in to doing his bidding with that facade of kindness. He’ll come here and…and Jae I don’t now what to do." The hatred was, very quickly, being replaced by a mixture of fear and sorrow. She let her hands be pulled away from her face and, reluctantly did as she was instructed and breathed.

Now she just looked like someone had kicked her puppy. “I have to go. I can’t stay here. I’ve avoided that man for eleven years and I don’t want him back in my life. There are reasons why I never talked about him, why I never reached out to contact him. Jae he’s toxic. He’s a horrible, terrible thief.” She spoke the word like it was the worst slur in her arsenal. 

Batten Down the Hatch


          Currently, they were walking down a hallway. One that housed four largely spaced doors on one side, and four on the other. At one end, a staircase sat, and on the other, it turned to the left.

          "This hallway has my room, my mother’s room, three important guests’ room, a large storage closet for cleaning supplies, a bathroom, and the entrance to a smaller hallway that would take us to the maids’ room."

         He didn’t bother showing her all of the doors; opting instead to walk towards the open end of the hallway. This lead them to a large open foyer with different paths they could take. He began listing off the paths from left to right. One door was straight across from a desk that sat on one end of the room. 

          "We just came from the first wing of rooms. The staircase at the end of the hall leads up two more floors to two more floors of rooms. The room we spent last night in won’t be our permanent room. Soon enough we’ll be moved to the top. Starting from the left, we have the main hall which leads to the throne room, the next hall leads to the dining room, kitchen, and gym. That’s the front door. Then we have the hallway which leads us to the library, meeting room, and main office.  Lastly, we have a hallway which leads us to a door to the gardens and courtyard. That desk is for reception."

He turned to her, wiping his brow as if the explaining had taken a lot of effort.

                    "I imagine I know exactly where you want to go."

         He chuckled, starting towards the third mentioned hall.

At first, she had been trying to take it all down mentally. However, she eventually settled on the fact that she was probably going to get lost a lot anyway. She could see it now, heading to the kitchen for a drink of juice only to find herself lost and alone. The thought made her give an unladylike snort and she quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

"Ah yes, I am sure you can tell by my amazing figure that we should clearly head for my favorite spot, the gym." Still grinning at herself, she quickened her pace to walk  beside him.

"How large is your library, though? Do you have any Jane Austen?" Excitement was starting to hit. Her own personal(ish) library. If they didn’t have the books she wanted, she’d just buy them anyway. She could do that now, right?

She hoped so.

Steel Nightshades [[Fienelef and Elyvenyë]]


The streets of Solitude were not unknown to Elyvenyë and neither were the people who hawked their wares there; she recognized the faces and the voices of the merchants and traders wherever she went, and they had come to be familiar with the figure of the graceful pale womer as she went about her business. She always wore her Thalmor robes when arranging orders of supplies for Northwatch, leaving her armor in her quarters back at the fort. The dark robes had caused fear at first, but Elyvenyë’s calm mannerisms and gentle voice had slowly eased the tensions over time; she was not one to be trifled with, no, but neither was the womer as blatant a threat as she was once seen.

The female Commander surveyed the town’s market square with cool, dark eyes, her expression an unmoving, poised mask as she thought about where to go to next. She had already arranged orders from the local tailors for more robes and tunics for the upcoming winter months, and food supplies would be sent next week. It was not ladylike to tap her chin in thought, so she merely folded her hands in front of her, engrossed in her thoughts.

Solitude. Skyrim had never much appealed to Fienelef, but there was something about Solitude that always drew her in. It was lively compared to where she usually did her work, warm in contrast to Winterhold and the constant ice storms that plagued the broken city. No, Solitude was unique, the closest thing to actual ‘society’ she had seen in Skyrim. She didn’t get to go there too often, but when she did, it was always something she enjoyed.

Not to mention, it was also the only place to stock up on her imported goods. Books in Bretic, oils, and perfumes all filled her hand basket as she attempted to weave her way through the lower streets of the market. Sure, it cost her a pretty Septim, money that could have gone to other things, but there were a few luxuries in the world she was very reluctant to give up. Though, crowds like this always reminded her of just how short she was. Typically good at weaving her way through people, ducking by unnoticed, she found she actually had to force her way through a small rowdy bunch. In a series of unfortunate events that included her being jabbed in the ribs by a wayward elbow, the mage ended up being shoved, quite accidentally, in to the Thalmor commander.

She righted herself quickly, trying to fix her scarf as she stepped back. The fact that she was frazzled was more than apparent. “Oh dear. Oh do excuse me, I, ah, I am very sorry.”


"Ah," Jae was getting the distinct feeling she had made a very grave mistake. She debated saying no, but she could not lie to her. Not now, especially with that reaction. The dunmer was becoming concerned for both Fi’s health and her own, "He had m-mentioned something about coming to the College. Um," should she mentioned she had helped him on the way to Dawnstar? No, that would be best left for if she had asked. Jae was not a liar, but she was also not stupid.

She attempted to place her hands on Fi’s own arms in an effort to give her something to ground the Breton woman on, “Fi, daeseh, y-you are turning a very concerning shade of white.”

She was silent for a moment, mouth and mind trying to form words to express her horror and anger at the situation. However, all that escaped was a horrible noise that didn’t quite belong on Nirn. Sucking in a deep breath, she pushed her away and felt her knees start to go weak. She had never been one for strong emotion, things never seemed to go when when she expressed it.

"Jae!" Her hands went to her face, fingers pressing so the skin dimpled. Flames were misfiring on her hands, appearing for slit seconds before melting away into smoke in an uncontrolled reaction. "Jae why?! Why’s he here? Why didn’t you strike him down where he stood? He is an old man, he wouldn’t put up a fight! Shit. Shit damn it all to Oblivion. Divines curse us all!” She had slipped tongues but managed to catch herself before continuing. “Why could that gnarled, deceitful, lying flesh monger not have just rotted away in prison like he was supposed to?! Damn it!”


The Breton woman was still calm. That was good. Jae continued on, feeling more confident in sharing this information, “He was a rather charming Breton man, though he preferred I did not use his name, really,” She did think that was a bit odd, though she supposed not everyone was as friendly as she was, “Older too. Had problems with his joints and all that. Gracious, what was his name…?” She was having difficulties remembering it. Jae was a mer of repetition, needing to repeat things several times to remember them for long. All she did know for certain was that his name was not actually “muthsera.”

"LaBelna I think it was? No, that was his last name," Jae shook her head, raking her memory, "Cal… Celaden? Yes that was it." Her eyes glanced over to her friend’s, trying to gauge her reaction, "He had mentioned knowing you, I think."

The rate at which the color left her face was probably extremely alarming. Her expression was caught between looking like she was about to spontaneously burst in to tears or start screaming at the top of her lungs. In the end, she did neither.

Suddenly, she was hyper aware of her own heart beat, of her breathing, and it felt like time itself had slowed. If she had honestly meant what she said earlier, about wanting to forgive him, she clearly didn’t mean it now. Reaching out, she grasped Jae’s arms, her voice a raspy whisper. There was one thing she had to know, one answer that would change everything.

"Does he know where I am?" The words were slow, each one spoken carefully so the importance of the mater could not be lost on her.


Well. That would explain why she had never mentioned her father. Thinking back to her travels with him, it seemed like she may have been describing a different person. She opted to let her friend finish before mentioning anything of the older man.

"So, all in all, things could be much worse, depending on how we look at things. Not that I would pass up the chance to change taking on that ‘Hunter’s Guild’ job. A well rested Jae is a happy one." She flashed a quick smile before swallowing the minor shake that threatened to seep into her voice. She picked her words carefully, trying to be casual about her next statement,"Though it is odd how things present themselves to bring about change. Er, well, possible change." 

She cleared her throat, trying to step lightly on the subject, “Did I mention I happened to run into a peculiar individual recently?”

There was something odd about the way Jae said the last sentence, though Fienelef couldn’t quite put a finger on what was wrong. If nothing else, in conjunction with what they had been talking about, she was interested.

"Oh? No, I cannot recall you saying anything. Who was it?" Surely this person was connected to change of some sort, or maybe Jae’s past.

That would be interesting. Jae had said she wrote her father regularly, maybe he had come to visit. Her mind ran with teh idea. Meeting her friend’s father, now that would be fun.

Batten Down the Hatch


Mark chuckled at Fi’s comment on the previous offer, walking over to open the door.

                    "Just follow me, yeah? I’ll try not to make it too cheesy."

         Then, walking through, he waited for Fi to join him before he started off.

"Oh and here I was hoping it’d be very cheesy. My hopes and dreams are dashed, I assure you."

She followed along side him on silent steps, hands linked behind her back. Yeah, he wasn’t too bad. and now that she was awake enough to actually pay attention, she found that she quite liked this place as well.

Elegant, very elegant indeed.


"Well, I suppose aside from the obvious…" Her words trailed off as Jae looked up, arms crossed over her torso as she thought. Perhaps should would have been a bit more rebellious in her youth, allowing her naivete to leave her much quicker than it did. Another laugh left her as a thought struck her, "Perhaps picking better friends back home. Nothing like a good betrayal to show someone’s character." And aside from her supposed best friend and ex, her other friends had not even tried to write back to her. Fancy that. 

Everything had changed for her in coming to the cold province. Would she have even come to Skyrim, knowing what she knew now? Now there was a thought. She had actually been doing rather well on all facets when she was back home. Or at least, she thought she was.Though whether she was truly happy there was another matter entirely. She may be going through quite a bit in her efforts to study in the College, but she was enjoying it quite a bit.

Snapping herself out of her own thoughts, she remembered there was a second part to her question, “As for my current demeanor and any possible changes, I suppose I would probably be different. Less cautious, though much more of a, ah, stick in the mud, as it were.” Jae had been an upstanding young lady when she first came here so long ago. “What of you, daeseh? What would you change, and would there be a difference?” 

She released a slow breath of air at the question. Until she was asked, she had known exactly what she would change. But now that she was required to answer, her mind had drawn a blank. Loosely crossing her arms, she looked up and off to the side, thinking.

"I think," she began slowly, weighing and testing each of her words, "I would have forgiven my father."

That was an answer not even she had expected to give. The realization hit her hard and, for a moment, she found it hard to continue.

"I do not know, life would be easier if I could forgive him, if he had never sent me to Evermor. I wouldn’t be so afraid of people leaving me, of people saying they will return and knowing they never will if that had changed. Still, had I not lived with my aunt and uncle, I would havve never found my passion for magic. Had they not tried to force me in to a blind engagement, I would not have left for Skyrim. Had I not left for Skyrim I would not have met you. I would not be as happy as I am now, because all of the faults and troubles have given me a dream and a chance to follow it."

At that, she smiled.